First Congregational Church of Rockport, MA

e, the members of this congregation, welcome you with gladness into our lives. We renew our covenant of faith and offer you our support, encouragement and love to the end that all of us may grow in the boundless mercy of God. By loving and being loved, forgiving and being forgiven, serving and being served, let us go forward together with courage as Christ's disciples glorifying God by being fully alive.

Please join us for a special presentation in lieu of our regular worship service. This powerful and poignant celebration portrays the proud heritage of African Americans in words and music. Prayers, spoken poems and congregational hymns are woven among songs as the program’s stories-within-stories unfold. The program embodies the motto “anchored in faith, navigating new horizons” adopted to symbolize the congregation’s growth and exploration during the sabbatical of Pastor Derek van Gulden.
Please help the church save its steeple! A planned restoration project found much more damage than expected, and the cost has grown dramatically. Click the button to the right to learn more and to donate.